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The Legendary Photography of Douglas Kirkland

“That Click” is a documentary about legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland that with his camera portrayed sixty years of pop culture ranging from photojournalism to celebrity portraits, from film photography to global events documentation.

After taking some of the most iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe, with his unique style and approach he described fashion, celebrities and show business with immortal images that still influence us today, many years after that first click became the soundtrack of his adventurous life.

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With headquarters in Los Angeles (USA) and Rome (Italy), Luca Severi Production Group (LSPG), established a new concept of film production, merging the indie-filmmaking environment in a studio structure.

With the ambitious goal of giving birth to projects of talents that can bring new and powerful ideas to the film industry, LSPG develops, finances and produces films and documentaries with both an art-house and commercial taste, always focused on the international audience.

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