When a modern Ulysses, struggling with PTSD, wakes up without memory in a post-apocalyptic desert, an alleged Calypso tries to help him uncover the truth -

Feature Film - 2019

Post Production


The Happiness Family

MTV Italy docu-reality show about the story of the happiest family in the world: The Scarpellini family, owner of Happiness Brand

Aired in 2017 - Season 1 - 6 Episodes



DK: A Life in Pictures

The personal and professional life of one of the greatest photographers of all times - Who still doesn't dare to call himself a superstar -

Feature Documentary - 2019

Post Production


For hundreds of years all around the north of Italy there was a popular tradition that fed many generations of people: the flay of the pig - "Scarner" a tradition that still survive today after 500 years - Directed by Luca Severi

Short Documentary - June 2016

The Two Revolutions

A dreamlike trip across the sensations that arise from the view of some of the artworks of two artist both born in the high valley of the Tiber river, narrated by the words of some of the major Italian contemporary artists - Directed by Luca Severi

Documentary - Aired in March 2015